Ian Ross Williams has achieved a body of work of quality, breadth and depth. Ian’s approach to writing and recording songs for children is to be musically both highly entertaining yet at the same time, highly educational. His voice is an honest voice which never condescends.

Lyrically, the songs are largely concerned with adventure and wonder. Many are about life in the northern, topical or outback parts of the country, which is where Ian lived for many years. Some of the songs contain Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islands language, and often include a gentle multicultural message. Another engaging feature is the multitude of musical styles presented, giving children exposure to a large variety of musical genres.

Orff-Schulwerk approaches to music education are evident in the two most recent collections, both with accompanying Song Books – XYLO BEAT AUSTRALIA, and ONE HEARTBEAT FROM THE SUN.

Ian has five CD’s currently available, two with accompanying songbooks:

ONE HEARTBEAT FROM THE SUN [CD & Song Book] - Ian’s most recent album. 16 fun and engaging new songs with instrumental backing tracks included plus a lyrics booklet. Action songs, rounds and partner songs, pentatonic and Orff-style, choral pieces and songs to dramatize. A wealth of material to delight children and adults.

XYLO BEAT AUSTRALIA [Songbook & CD] - A collection of 20 original songs and rhymes with Orff Schulwerk style arrangements/accompaniments (tuned and unturned percussion, ostinati with lyrics). Each song is fully notated.

SING THIS! [CD] – A collection of backings for 15 songs selected from a number of Ian’s albums. Along with a copy of the backing the album includes the original recording with vocals, making it that much easier for children to learn the songs.

MY EMU KNEES COLLECTION’ [CD] – A ‘best of’ Ian’s early albums, (but does not include tracks from NO WORRIES CASSOWARY!). The album has 25 exceptional children’s songs and gives a beautifully balanced overview of Ian’s recorded work before 2013.

NO WORRIES CASSOWARY! [CD] – 20 evocative and fun songs steeped in the colours, textures and culture of northern, tropical Australia. This album was awarded “Best Album – Children’s” in the Queensland Recording Association Sunnie Awards in 2000. ‘